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Tiffany Thornton Answers Fan Questions On Twitter


  1. Harry Potter or Twilight: Harry Potter :) do i know selena: yes and i absolutely adore her. she’s incredibly talented and such a sweetheart
  1. fav restaurant: Cheddars. fav snack: carrots and celery with ranch. fav Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11.
  2. fav. movies: Dumb and Dumber, The Scent of a Woman, My Best Friends Wedding. fav flower: tulips. fav designer: Chanel.
  3. i’m almost 5’5 :) . celeb crush: James Franco. am i religious: yes, i’m a Christian. my dream: happiness for my family. am i single: yes
  4. i have a dog, she’s a teacup maltese named Lacy and she lives in Texas with my momma :)
  5. best thing in my dressing room, my fan wall and my pear scented candles from Target
  6. fear: I believe fear is not of the Lord but I can say the thought of failure intimidates me
  7. I love the name Tawni but I think Tiffany suits me better :) , in real life
  8. my favorite tv show: House
  9. in junior high i played tennis and basketball and cheered, in high school i was a cheerleader
  10. favorite person in the whole world: my nephew Collin, he just turned 5.
  11. fav. food: italian and mexican (Tex-Mex to be exact)
  12. my room is light turquoise, black and white
  13. fav color: pink. although i don’t wear much of it
  14. I’m from College Station, Texas
  15. i’m not sure how long that takes because i met mine at IMTA
  16. i got into acting through a competition called IMTA. i met my agent there and have been acting for 7 years
  17. i love Dem. she’s great…u guys should check her out on tour this summer
  18. Sonny With A Chance starts filming 2nd season in November
  19. fav places to shop: Urban, Forever 21, M. Frederic, Anne Klein, Gilly Hicks, etc.
  20. fav part of acting: the challenge
  21. best advice i’ve ever gotten: my grandfather always said “Run the race to WIN” and “nothing good happens after midnight” haha

  22. …are days when i’m in a hurry and can’t find another one with pink on the toes :
  23. do i match my socks: would it be bad if i said “what’s the point if you can’t see them?” haha. most of the time i do match them but there…
  24. fav actor: Al Pacino. fav actress: Sarah Jessica Parker
  25. …from their own insecurity. most of the time it has nothing to do with you.
  26. was i ever made fun of in school? yes i was. i think everyone goes through that. you just have to realize those people’s judgement stems..
  27. if i wasn’t an actress i would be a pediatrician. fav finger: hahaa pinky. fav sport: football, basketball, baseball i love them all.
  28. yes i had braces twice, once for a year when i was 11 and again for a year when i was 14.
  29. fav ice cream: mint chocolate chip. my middle name: Dawn. fav vacation spot: anywhere when I’m with someone amazing-be it family or a friend


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